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Traffic Tickets Just Don't Work

A Ukrainian perspective on the American police system...

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I went to Boston last week to attend the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. And the highlight of my entire week? Definitely my cab ride on the last day, when I was headed from Cambridge to South Station to catch my train home to Philly. Here’s what happened…

The cab pulled up to the entrance of the hotel, and . . .

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July 06, 2015

Faith Knows No Boundaries

St. Louis, June 2002

“Honey, what is with all these other religions? Buddhist lamas, Baptist services….Are you shopping around for a new religion? We are Jewish!” My grandmother is worried. Although my studies of Buddhism last semester unsettled her, the church service put her over the edge. I reassured her as best as I could that I was, and always would be, a . . .

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April 24, 2002


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