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Traffic Tickets Just Don't Work

A Ukrainian perspective on the American police system...

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I went to Boston last week to attend the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions. And the highlight of my entire week? Definitely my cab ride on the last day, when I was headed from Cambridge to South Station to catch my train home to Philly. Here’s what happened…

The cab pulled up to the entrance of the hotel, and . . .

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July 06, 2015


Philadelphia, March 2014

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Shhh, quiet now. Listen. Let me tell you a story. This is a story of nighttime, of dreamtime. When the veil between what is real and what is magical thins into almost nothing. In these twilight hours our minds can finally find respite from the raging tumult of waking. Like the sea that falls quiet when the moon loosens her grasp, . . .

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March 24, 2014


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